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Our security solutions are built around precision.
Video surveillance IR160 HD lens

Digital Video Surveillance

Our security solutions are built around precision digital video recorders, networked with customizable software that allows centralized management and control. Digital (DVRs) and Networked Video (NVRs) Recorders IP / Megaplus HD Camera / Specialty Cameras Video Management Software There are numerous benefits to using video surveillance in your business that some business owners may not consider, due to their busy work schedules and constantly trying to keep an eye on their business assets. Please see our Digital Video Recorder section to see some key benefits of our surveillance products. 

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Anviz VF30 Door Access Systems Axcel Office Systems

Access Control

VST carries a wide range of access control products, from electric strikes and maglocks to panic devices and keypads. Take steps now to secure your business. Many businesses large and small choose to "hope for the best" instead of taking necessary steps to secure their facilities. Access control solutions allow your business to take control of your security with individualized solutions. A common question all business owners ask themselves. Do I need access control? Simply ask yourself some of these questions: Could my employees and clients be more secure and safe? Would restricting or allowing access to your business based on time or day be beneficial to your business? Do different employees need or require different access privileges? Do I need a record of entry or egress to specific doors? Is a lost or stolen key an immediate security threat to my business? If you answer yes to any of these questions, or worry about who and when someone has access to your business, then contact us today. VST can give our recommendation based on your needs and budget. It is very important to understand the benefits that access control can provide including some of the following: Remote Access Control Audit Trails Time/Day Restrictions Cards/Fobs not Keys Every business has needs to keep their assets and data inside, and at the same time keeping all threats to the security of their business outside. An access control system will do this in a simple user-friendly way.

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Intercom solution


VST Security Solutions provide installation and repair of complete intercom systems for your home or office. Intercoms are a necessary component to any security system designed to better protect yourself, employees and assests. Through this type of arrangement you can communicate with anyone attempting to gain access to your premises so that you know who's at the door before you open it. Contact an advisor for information on intercom installations services for your residential or commercial need.

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